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Shaw Cable analogue to digital migration

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I received a notice from my apartment building, who bundles basic cable into my rent, and was told that Shaw needs to install digital boxes to remain receiving basic cable. Makes no difference to me since I already have a HD PVR, an HD box (awaiting a new TV to hook it up to as it is a rental) and a SD box. But here in Lloydminster are they phasing out analog cable altogether or did my apartment building make this decision?

If so, does this mean that Lloydminster will finally receive all the channels Shaw offers elsewhere such as Canadian Timeshifting and Superchannel? I would assume this would be a solution to the finite capacity issue as I understand that digital has a higher capacity (possibly infinite like IPTV) and could carry all of these channels without a capacity issue.
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Hey, yes I did change it I was slightly off. One channel is equal to about 38megs. So for HD we would compress no further than 12 and SD no lower than 3 typically speaking.
Isn't this a result of the planned digital transition required by the CRTC August 2011?
No. One has nothing to do with the other.
So if you have Digital Basic and you acquire a HDTV box will you get the HDBasic
channels 200 to 215?

That's correct. HD Basic (ch 200 - 215) is available for free to everyone who has a Shaw HD box or Shaw HDPVR, and has at least Basic cable (but not the "Personal TV" plans).
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Let's not get into a comparison with OTA — that is not the point of this thread.
Additionally, let's not compare with Shaw's HD equipment either, as that is also not the point of this thread.
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it looks like Shaw is going all digital in august
to make room for there new internet plans
@Mike10 this is for the Analogue "Tiers" only for now. There is a Calgary Herald news article on the subject here (partial quote below)

The basic cable channels will remain analogue. He added that 80 per cent of Shaw’s customers are already digital.
Shaw Going 100% Digital In Aug 2012!!

Actually the 2 previous posts are not quite accurate. Shaw will indeed be going totally digital but it will happen next year in Aug 2012 as per this quote I got from It doesn't say anything on Cartt about analog basic remaining there so I don't know, it says "all" customers will be digital.

"That second phase will be enabled by the complete reclamation of all analog cable TV spectrum, which will be done over the next 16 months. That means all Shaw Cable customers will be digital come the end of August 2012.

Reclaiming that network spectrum will increase the network’s capacity “six-fold,” said Bissonnette who pegged the project’s cost at $100 million."
@jericho, it seem the Cartt article is incorrect according to everything posted here and the Shaw web page (basic will still be analog):
One of the biggest decisions we have made is to undertake a major upgrade of our network by converting our television analog tiers to digital. In making this move we will triple the capacity of our network, freeing up space for more Internet, HD and On Demand programming.
I can hopefully clarify a little here. So two figures were talked about "triple and "sixfold" in each article. The TV tiers have roughly the same amount of analogue stations as the basic starter analogue package.

Putting the Tiers digital only (called Tier Reclamation) increases bandwidth capacity x3

Putting "basic" and "tiers" digital only gets to the x 6 capacity.

Is basic going to remain analogue? Absolutlety Yes - for now but in the future this could change.
Hi all,

Just wanted to chime in on ShawChamp's comment. The current plan for analog to digital conversion is to take Tier 1, 2, and 3 and move them to digital neighbourhood by neighbourhood starting in August of this year. We will be connecting with all of our analog tier customers in these areas to ensure they're taken care of.

After your neighbourhood is done, Phase 2 of our broadband plans will be available! Basic analog service will also remain available for the immediate future.
I had a technical issue on Monday, so I had phoned Shaw. When I spoke to her, she said that Lloydminster had gone all digital. The funny thing was is that apparently, the old Motorola SD box I am currently renting is $12.95/month. However, if I were to go to the box that Shaw is giving to make everyone digital it is $2.95/month. How does that work?
Obviously your $12.95 is actually $2.95 and you must have gotten bad information from someone.

Any idea when the 3 tiers are going digital in Manitoba?
As far as I know, the current SD digital box from Shaw does indeed rent for $2.95/month.
Lloydminster had gone all digital...
Note that many areas of Shaw have all channels available digitally (all channels digital, while still offering analogue channels in parallel). That is totally different from digital only - the topic of this thread. Many service providers are reducing the number of analogue channels available with more going to the digital tier (this year and next). Eventually all channels will be digital to free up the maximum bandwidth. Again, please do not confuse all channels digital with digital only.
Shawnick - It's appears the bandwidth recovered by moving tiers 1,2,3 to digital is being used for internet improvements.

Will some of that bandwidth also be used to add new HD channels like Setanta Sports HD? Shaw is the only provider offering that in SD only.

Also will bandwidth be used to improve the quality of HD channels?
Hi Digital79,

The bandwidth that we'll get from the tier recovery will give us a lot of headroom. We are absolutely planning on looking at other HD services, as well as VOD upgrades. I can't comment on Setanta directly though.

We've done a lot of work to ensure our HD channels have a great picture. We will of course continue to make this a priority. (I am a heavy HD user myself.)
Shawnick - The biggest problem is Shaw seems to refuse to add anymore channels to the lineup because they can't offer them on Shaw Direct due to their bandwidth restraints. They really need to realize they can't continue to do this to their cable subscribers.
Forgive my ignorance but I'm still not clear on this. For tvs that connect directly to the cable out of the wall (no digital box) will they still work? According to the CRTC "If you receive your TV signals by cable.....the switch to digital will not affect you". I was of the understanding that those were analogue connections but that seems to be contradictory.
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