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Shaw Cable analogue to digital migration

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I received a notice from my apartment building, who bundles basic cable into my rent, and was told that Shaw needs to install digital boxes to remain receiving basic cable. Makes no difference to me since I already have a HD PVR, an HD box (awaiting a new TV to hook it up to as it is a rental) and a SD box. But here in Lloydminster are they phasing out analog cable altogether or did my apartment building make this decision?

If so, does this mean that Lloydminster will finally receive all the channels Shaw offers elsewhere such as Canadian Timeshifting and Superchannel? I would assume this would be a solution to the finite capacity issue as I understand that digital has a higher capacity (possibly infinite like IPTV) and could carry all of these channels without a capacity issue.
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There are two methods for a Digital Cable Migration:
1. Full Digital: all stations including Basic go digital
2. Expanded Basic goes Digital: Tiers 1, 2 & 3 go digital while Basic cable remains analog

I personally like method 2 as it reduces the number of Digital Cable Terminals and Digital Adapters needed in the cable system.

A Digital Cable Migration should save Shaw mega $$$ in the long run as customers changing analog tiers will not need a truck roll for a tech to change the filter/trap on the cable line.
I was wondering what you thought about Shaw not deploying DTAs (Digital Transport Adapters) or HD-DTAs as a more cost effective solution instead of a DCT (now $58 self installed) or HD-DCT($178)? Did you know that other MSOs/BDUs like Comcast have already sucessfully deployed these pared down boxes in some markets? Or does Shaw want to possibility of selling VOD, PPV and Premium Movie/Sports programming (like Superchannel, Movie Central and Sportsnet World) to every customer at every TV?
Given that Shaw is forcing the Digital Network Upgrade on its customers, is there are market for a Standard Definition Dual Tuner DVR DCT priced under $180 that would solve the problem of mature Canadian with VCRs?
If analog cut-off day come to your neighbourhood and you haven't upgraded to digital cable by activating a digital box, does Shaw automatically downgrade your billing to Basic Cable?
can you give examples of areas with the highest saturations? And what technical aspects makes the Lower Mainland in BC so special? Is it the fact that the Lower Mainland features one of the highest population densities in Shaw-land, and where there is a very high concentration of MDU buildings versus detatched single family houses?
If Winnipeg goes all-digital, does this mean that Shaw is discontinuing grandfathered Basic Cable and Classic Cable? My condo has a bulk rate contract for Classic Cable.
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