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Shaw Cable analogue to digital migration

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I received a notice from my apartment building, who bundles basic cable into my rent, and was told that Shaw needs to install digital boxes to remain receiving basic cable. Makes no difference to me since I already have a HD PVR, an HD box (awaiting a new TV to hook it up to as it is a rental) and a SD box. But here in Lloydminster are they phasing out analog cable altogether or did my apartment building make this decision?

If so, does this mean that Lloydminster will finally receive all the channels Shaw offers elsewhere such as Canadian Timeshifting and Superchannel? I would assume this would be a solution to the finite capacity issue as I understand that digital has a higher capacity (possibly infinite like IPTV) and could carry all of these channels without a capacity issue.
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I think shaw can add 3 HD channels for every analog channel they remove. It's only a matter of time.
That's true but I am not getting the same level of service. If I had the same level of service I'd still be able to do the same things as before such as tape 2 or 3 shows while I watched another. Now I can tape the same show that I am watching (in case I want to see it again I guess!!). Even with the PVR I can watch one and record one.....gee wonderful's a money grab pure and simple. They cast us simple folk aside without a care in order to be able to charge you all more money for what you want. That's OK, I'm done. Shaw will be gone and at least with Optik TV I can record 3 shows while I watch one so that says it all for me.

Usually I'm sort of against Shaw, but this isn't a cash grab. In order to expland HD and broadband service, they need the frequencies. Analog is outdated, and while it does have the advantage of not needing cable boxes it uses up alot of resources. IE the frequency that 1 analog channel uses can be used to air 2-3 HD channels. Not to mentioned if gives shaw more room to offer faster/bigger internet packages.

Ever since I went HD, I've needed cable boxes anyways. I do miss the old days of being able to load up on splitters have cable on every tv without needing a box, but technology has moved on....
Probably because the phone reps are the last to know? They probably tell them when there's actually something to report (it seems there's no fixed period for how long the transition takes).

People keep bombasting the CSR's with questions the CSR's probably don't know the answers too, so they take their best guess.. lol.

It's the same when Shaw rolls out new channels. The CSR's are the last to know. We usually find out on this forum before they find out. You're basically asking the lowest people on the ladder.
Maybe that's why they aren't telling their CSR's when the DNU's are being done. It would seem its hard to meet the deadlines or maybe its taking longer then expected. They're probably opting to saying nothing over giving out dates and not meeting them.
Roger's internet offerings are inferior to what Shaw offers. Shaw is much more aggressive in its speeds and bandwidth caps then Roger's. It doesn't surprise me that Shaw needs to accelerate the decommissioning of analog channels compared to rogers.

That being said. Why do it at a slow burn. It's like pulling off a band-aid slowly. You know you have to do it eventually. Why do it slowly and upset more people over a longer period then get it done and over with?
I agree. I quite like the FM stations coming in over Cable. Here in Victoria I can get most of the stations from Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle in crystal clear format. My favorite radio station is 99.9 from Seattle. I can get it over the internet, but the audio quality of the FM version is far superior (I think Radio Station use low bitrates for online broadcasts).

Hopefully they don't vanish too quickly.

When I used to have Telus TV they broadcast Canadian stations through the digital box. IE sort of like how show has the galaxy channels, except telus would use channels to broadcast real radio stations. The downside was they were only Canadian stations (whereas Shaw retransmits stations in your area, IE stations from Seattle).

Maybe Shaw could digitize the feeds and stream them through the stb's?
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I fed an optical audio cable from my PC to my home stereo. I generally used it to play music from my PC on the home stereo. Which means it would easily work for online radio as well. I'll have to see if I can find an HD Radio version of my favorite station (as the regular version seems subpar).

It's still not as easy as turning my my receiver and pressing the tuner button. It's a shame that shaw seems to be discontinuing FM radio. I think a lot more people use it than they think.
I don't argue that they couldn't put tv channels on the FM band. With the recent tier reclamation. Did they really need the FM bandwidth at this point? IE shouldn't their now be enough bandwidth from the removed analog channels to provide faster internet and more HD channels?

I would of thought the more logical choice would of been to wait until all the bandwidth freed up from the tier reclamation was done and then remove FM. Why remove it when you have room to spare?
Are they going to make the FM stations available via digital? I thought we lost them for good?
They could of used mpeg4 in the older boxes. It's not like the standard didn't exist when the 34xx and 64xx boxes came out. The cable companies should of rolleg out mpeg4 when they started with mpeg2. I don't think they'll be making the switch to mpeg4 anytime soon?
Well yah? It's supposed to be for the people they are forcing from analog to digital, not the people already on digital?
It's the same in Victoria. You can still get the analog channels (the first 20 channels and some random other ones). I do ageee QAM would be nice as most modern TV's come with digital tuner's built in. I imagine Shaw doesn't do it because they have full control over digital boxes. The only thing that prevents people from getting cable is the disconnect in the grey box on the side of most houses. I imagine there's a number of people out there who open them and connect the cable. By eliminating analog, they also eliminate theft. Which means they wouldn't offer the channels on QAM unless ordered to so.
Basic is still available on analog in Victoria. No red banners yet either.
Didn't shaw give out free digital boxes when they removed the 3 tiers from analog (for free?). I have a number of complaints about shaw but I always felt the removal of analog was a technical issue. Analog TV uses up a lot of valuable frequencies. For every analog channel they could make room for 2 or 3 HD channels, or large chunk of additional bandwidth for their internet services. It's not like shaw ditched analog and didn't give their customers a way to keep watching their packages.
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