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I have a Sharp Aquos 46" LCD (LC-46D82U), which I have had for about a year. The TV was set up properly and worked fine until now when I encounter two main issues with its operation:

1) I have begun to notice that the picture quality is blurry - this appears on all channels and the channel menus/guides, HD and SD channels. Occasionally the TV will turn off and then on appearing to 'reset itself' and the picture clarity (sharpness) returns to HD quality (for the HD channels). The blurriness returned intermittently with no real explanation that I can identify.
The HD receiver, DVD player and stereo receiver are stored in a cabinet with a front door, which we leave open most of the time, with about 4-5" of space above the HD STB, and

2) After being on for a few hours the TV picture shuts off. Two green lights for POWER and OPC flash on and off in unison (on for ~1 sec. then off for ~1 sec) while the TV is off (even the blue LED below the SHARP logo is off).

The TV remains off despite attempts to turn on the TV using the universal remote provided with my COGECO HD receiver (Motorola DCT 6200). After about a minute of lights flashing and no video signal, the TV may turn on again, but may turn off and on several times before it returns to 'normal' operation.

I have read the manual and it makes no mention of this operating condition in the 'Troubleshooting' section.

The age of the unit is just beyond the manufacturers 1-year warrantee and I wonder if this is typical for SHARP LCD TVs?

At the moment I don't suspect this to be an issue of the cable connections as this setup has been working fine for the last ~13 months with no issues. I have not changed any of the cable connections during this time once I got it to work during the initial set up...

I would welcome any comments if anyone has experienced the same problems and any solutions that come out them...


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Here's a list of things to check. Try unplugging the TV overnight to see if a reset does anything:

Call or e-mail Sharp service with the blinking code. These service codes can usually be diagnosed and they may give you an indication of the potential problem.

If the TV is not well ventillated, or if there is a faulty sensor, then it could be a temperature shutdown. There may be a timer that then kicks in before you can turn the TV back on.

As indicated in the above FAQ, try unplugging/cleaning/replugging cables. Just because something has worked for a while doesn't mean that there isn't now a slight change, like oxidation, dust, slightly moved cable, etc.
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