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Setanta hd ?

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Is setanta Hd available yet ? If so what channel ?
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probably not available until there are HD games available - 1 this week end so maybe but a number next week end so probably
will it be on seperate channel or just on setanta 640 ?
Someone pointed today that Bell no longer advertise Setanta HD
It has been removed from BellTV "Free Preview" and "New Channels".

Only showing the SD version.

Same for GolTV HD
Setanta HD is up today..

although shortly after I started watching.. I lost the all bell signals and its been out since..
Yes, it's still up and running as of 9.30pm AST
I'm watching rugby in HD on Bell Expressvu ch 1414. Will EPL games be broadcast in HD ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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