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Kind of late in the game but the funny thing is, I had to go through google to get to this thread!!! OK, please don't flame me for lack of reading the gazillion posts on the SA8300HD but one (otherwise pristine looking unit) was just given to me and I had it authorized on Videotron. Of course, I'm posting because I'm having the eternal issue of PVR functions not working.

Now I did read the Hugh and 57 links to servicing the SA units but nothing stands out in the way of dealing with a drive that is still powering up but just not working (display indicates "PVR FUNCTIONS NOT AVAILABLE"). I have read (some) about the SARA and linux tweaks that allow you to pluck a new eSATA drive inside the unit. But before I can get to even considering that, is there a common-man way I could troubleshoot this thing ???

Could I connect the unit to a PC (or use some key combination) to force a self-format of the drive. Doing so would certainly not make things worse as nothing works to begin with. The cable box portion of the unit works fine though and we can tune around SD/HD just fine.

Thanks guys, CM.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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