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channelmaster, if the internal re-format doesn't work and you decide to pull the drive out and put it in a PC, if it's a WD drive, it's a good idea to run their Data LifeGuard Diagnostic utility and do a Quick & Extended test

I recently had an issue with my PVR after a power failure and had to pull the (user upgraded) drive out as the PVR would not boot up. The WD utility reported that it failed both the Quick & Extended tests. However, after using the utility to "Write Zeros" all over the drive, the PVR finally was able to format the drive and operate without issue.

My drive, purchased from a computer store earlier this year, was under warranty and WD has sent me a replacement. I'm guessing the 8300HD is older than 2 years and the drive in your unit may be out of warranty, but a serial # check on is definitely worth a look.
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