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Hello everyone,

back in January I went to Europe and before leaving I cancelled my Videotron service (I wasn't on a contract and I own my own receiver). I was told that if i wanted it back I wouldn't have had to pay anything extra.

I am now back in Montreal and I called Videtron to subscribe back. They told me that I have to pay 35 dollars for a technician to be sent over (as if my equipment needed to be reconnected). I told them that this was ridiculous as I did not change anything inside my apartment and if I connect my cable directly to my TV I can get analog channels (i.e. my cable was never physically disconnected). They kept on saying that what I was saying was impossible and that I was lying to them. I really didn't like that and I told them I'd look into other options (i.e. Bell, Shaw Direct).

I was sure that new subscriptions had no activation fee.

I remember that when i first subscribed to Videotron 5 years ago, I got my receiver from futureshop, connected it to my tv, called them and had service right away.

If I want videotorn back, should I buy a new receiver from Futureshop, activate it, return it and switch to my old receiver? That seems a bit ridiculous!

Thanks a lot to any one who might have any insights on the issue!

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