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Ok, let me explain my system first..

I have a Mac Mini with a Y-Cable attaching it to the receiver (red + white RCA). It is an RCA RT2770 receiver, 1000W, 5.1 ch. amp. It is hooked up to 12 different speaker boxes: FL x 2, FR x 2, CN x 1, RL x 2, RR x 2, SUB x 3. Now, with the subwoofers, two of them are tower speakers with a high, mid, and low range. Only the 12" woofer is putting out sound, and the mid and high speakers are not. My question is how would I separate the two high and mid speakers from the 12" woofer to be able to hook them up into the front or center channels. I took a peak inside and there are multiple resistors running to different speakers. The speaker model I want to modify is an Audio Tech Pro Poly Series, 250W Model. I also have two old Toshiba CS-335 tower speakers that I want to do the same to. I haven't looked inside them yet, so I don't know how they're set up, but I'm assuming they are the same.

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