ThinkFlood, makers of the original Redeye universal remote controller, this week announced an updated version of its popular device.

The Red Eye infrared remote connects to your home's network via WiFi and allows iPhones, iPads, and personal computers to function as remote controllers for multiple devices in your home theatre.

The RedEye can control virtually any device that receive infrared control signals including televisions, cable boxes, stereos, DVD players, and A/V Receivers. To work the device users must also download a free iOS app form the iTunes store which turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad models into a universal remote controller.

Because the iOS device communicates via WiFI with the hardware, you can even control your devices from another room.

In addition to a new all-black enclosure, Thinkflood has added an infrared-out port to the second generation device which allows customers to store the device in a cabinet or rack and still be able to control their home theatre devices.

The second generation Redeye will sell for $200.

In addition to a new Redeye remote, Thinkflood also announced the RedEye Pro device which the company says works at a "whole-house" level and can control a wide variety of equipment in multiple rooms from a single unit. Pricing for the Pro devices was not announced.

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