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Before adding this monster to my setup, I had used a 1.5tb/7200rpm Sata drive installed into a usb2.0/sata external hdd enclosure. Had it plugged into a USB port of my ASUS RT-N56U. I watched videos on my enclosure through my network through my WD TV Live Plus. There wasn't any buffering issue through this setup.

Just recently purchased the following:

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 400
Seagate Constellation ES (ST32000644NS) 2TB SATA 3GB/s 64MB Cache x2

Running under raid 1, I copied just under 500 gb of hd videos. my WD detects the Blackarmor, and finds the content just as easily as through the old setup, but playing the content gives me like 1 frame per minute! What gives? Everyithing is connected though a gigabit network.

I know that I might be the only person on this forum, but suggestions might help.

Hmm, I just connected my WD through the Blackarmors second gigabit port, and it works perfectly. This is fine, but I wonder if a PS3 that may be connected through my Asus router will give the same issues. Its concerning since a PS3 only has one ethernet port.
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