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Scanning (OTA Channels) issue with LG 32PC5RV

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Scanning issue with lg

Ok i set up a 4 bay at my parents house and am running it to 2 tv,s ...the tv in the living room scanned fine got the sd and hd channels...

the tv in the kitchen is a LG PLASMA 32PC5RV the problem is all i seem to be able to pick up is sd channels,i looked at the manual but cant find if this has a built in tuner for the hd ota channels?

if it does not what can i use to get them
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if ya look at the lg support page, look for the manual which is here

says it's only an NTSC tuner in the SPECS sections...
VHF 2 ~ 13, UHF 14 ~ 69, CATV 1 ~ 135
If it's fairly new, I'd be returning it to where I bought it for exchange.
make up some excuse, like it's broken or the salesman mislead me, etc.
Maybe even let the wife do it, as sometimes women are better at returning
stuff to the store than men.
ok thanks,now to get the digital hd channels would a fta reciever be ok,to use?
You need an ATSC tuner, not FTA. Check out the OTA forum here.
The challenge you will have, Musky, is justifying the cost of the OTA ATSC (digital) tuner box relative to the cost of perhaps buying a new TV.

The best price you're likely to find for a new HD-capable OTA ATSC tuner is about $65+tax if you're lucky. You might be able to buy a used one for $50 or so, if you can find one.

A new LCD TV with an ATSC tuner built-in that would work for a kitchen might start around $150 and go up to about $350.

If the LG kitchen TV is worth keeping, maybe you could swap it out with one of your TVs at your house if you use cable/satellite.

If you decide to search for an OTA ATSC HD Tuner, then make sure it is not a Digital-to-Analog Converter Box -- those are for making digital TV work on boxy CRT televisions.

Good luck!

Check out the OTA Forums here for discussion on the boxes you might want.
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