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Scanning Code of Practice

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I have heard of this but never used it before today, it took a bit of time but my $9 garbage bags were free. I was at Canadian Tire and the shelf price listed $7.99, but came up $8.99 at the cash. They went through the usual process of getting someone to check while I and everyone else in line waited patiently, the guy couldn't find the product so he came to get it and disappeared. The manager saw this so she came over and told the cashier to let me pay the lower price while she went to get my product back. In the mean time I waited around the next empty cash and saw the little Scanning Code of Practice sticker so I mentioned that to the manager, she had to read it, but obliged and gave me my money back. The details are here :
The example shown is exactly what I saw at the cash. I hope I remember for next time, because this does happen often.
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Funny this should come up (first SCOP i've used as well), was just at superstore picking up some things
I browsed the clearance isle for random treasures as I often do after grabbing what I need and some some things ridiculously cheap for like $0.24
Figured, hey, why not.

So grabbed 4 of those to make it ~$1

At the cash they rang up at regular price, so I let the cashier know and she called over to someone working near the clearance aisle who verified the price in like 15s, then called a manager over. In the ~15s the manager took to arrive she mentioned the SCOP (which I knew about but was not going to mention, as it's just 24c, lol)

So in the end I got 4 items for $0.72

SCOP only applies to the first item of the kind you get in the order, and up to $10 value.

So if you grab a cartload of something that's the wrong price, you're only going to get the first one free (or $10 discount), and the rest at the correct price.
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