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Okay, its cool. Home automation application for your iTouch or iPod but $199???
Savant Systems LLC, today announced the introduction of a downloadable application for Apple's iPod and iPod touch that runs natively on either device in order to provide 2-way control of any home system connected to one of Savant's ROSIE automation systems. The new application proving complete home automation and media control will be available September 2008 on Apple's online application store for $199.

"Our application effectively leverages all the power of Apple's amazing mobile computing platform, enabling homeowners with a ROSIE control system to enjoy unprecedented levels of convenience and efficiency added to their daily lives," stated Savant president Jim Carroll. Savant's new application features intelligent 2-way communication from feedback-capable systems in the home, such as lighting, HVAC, security cameras and supported audio/video equipment. The application also incorporates the "gesture" control and "tilt" sensors found on both Apple® devices.
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