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Hello, I live in a fringe area with a 75e dish I have yet to install. I moved from Ontario and had a 60e dish. It is hard to get Coaxial cable here but I have 2-40 foot lengths from the install kit. 40 feet wont get me to my receiver, so I was wondering if I could use a generic coax coupler to join two 40 foot lenths of coax? I know 80 feet is under the limit, but not sure about using a coupler. I think I tried this in Ontario with no success. Please let me know

I am in a condo with a prexisting cable connection. If I can get my satellite coax cable to the 1input to 3output splitter in the condo, would this work or do i need to run seperate line entirely from my dish? The cable comes in to the laundry room and comes out of the wall a bit where it is connected into a splitter. The splitter then connects 3 cables to go to the various rooms in the condo.

thanks, I'd like to know before I punch and holes in the walls, lol.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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