Starting this Friday, November 26 th , 2015, SaskTel has announced that roaming will be available for customers traveling to the US and select international locations for significantly reduced rates.

The new Roam & Relax Travel rates cover data and voice in the United States at 7¢ per MB and 7¢ per minute.

International data rates in Mexico, Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, Bermuda and Costa Rica are now reduced from up to $15.00 per MB to only $1.00 per MB.

SaskTel states that these rates are a cost effective option for customers who are traveling for short to medium time frames and that the new rates will automatically be applied to customers' plans when they cross the border.

Using the phone more? Also effective November 26, 2015, SaskTel is launching five new Roam & Relax Travel add-on plans for customers with heavier wireless usage outside of Canada.

These plans are subscription based and can be added on to a plan for customers traveling for extended periods of time.

Here are some more of the facts:
  • The U.S. plans cost from $50.00 per month for 1 GB (Gigabyte) data and 250 voice minutes to $70.00 per month for 2 GB data and 500 voice minutes. Additional data and voice are both charged at 7¢ per MB and 7¢ per minute.
  • The International plans cost from $25.00 per month for 15 voice minutes, $65.00 per month for 30 voice minutes and 20 MB of data, or $100.00 per month for 50 voice minutes and 50 MB of data. Additional data is charged at $1.00 per MB and voice at 50¢ per minute.

Travel and talk away, just in time for the holidays.