SaskTel has finished 13 different 4G wireless network infrastructure upgrades across Saskatchewan in June.

The growing demand for network coverage and capacity requires the addition of traditional towers which are now being constructed across the province as well as installing carrier antennas inside of buildings and on rooftops. In some cases, installing new mobile or cellular on wheels sites (COWS) in various locations is required.

In Regina, the company installed a new temporary COW site to improve capacity and coverage in Qu’Appelle Park and an in building UMTS and LTE distributed antenna solution at Mosaic Stadium and Radisson Plaza Hotel to boost capacity. The other communities receiving network enhancements include Saskatoon, Annaheim, Elbow, Alvena, Prince Albert, Christopher Lake, Emma Lake, Pelican Narrows, Moose Jaw, Good Spirit and Richmound.

“SaskTel has a long record in pursuing innovative and cutting edge solutions when it comes to expanding our 4G network across the Province,” said Don McMorris, Minister Responsible for SaskTel. “We are committed to building and powering the largest, fastest and most complete wireless network in the Province.”

SaskTel's 4G network improvements results in increased bandwidth with download speeds approximately four times faster than existing speeds - up to 21 megabits per second.

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