Almost a month after it was originally supposed to be launched, IPTV provider Sasktel has added the Hollywood Suite of high definition (HD) movie channels to its line-up with a free preview.

Sasktel TV subscribers will be able to watch: Warner Films and MGM Channel which air movies from the respective studios libraries; Hollywood Storm which will air action and adventure films; and Hollywood Festival which will air independent and major studio romance and relationship films.

The suite of channels which are on channels 480 to 483 will be in free preview from now until January 30th after which they will be available as a package for $5 per month.

In addition to offering a free preview for Hollywood Suite, Sasktel is currently offering free previews for SportsNet World until January 3rd, Nick until Jan 31, and the Food Network in standard definition (SD) and HD until January 2 adn January 31st respectively.

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