In a Telecom decision handed down today, the CRTC has announced that that starting on May 11, 2013, 10-digit local dialing - the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number- will be required for all local calls made in Saskatchewan, except for calls made from Kinoosao or Uranium City.

The introduction of 10-digit dialing will pave the way for a new area code, 639, in May 25, 2013.

Customers with area code 306 numbers will retain their numbers. Numbers with the new 639 area code will only be assigned to customers for additional services on an as needed basis starting after the implementation date.

These measures are being implemented in response to the Canadian Numbering Administrator’s notification that Saskatchewan is expected to run out of telephone numbers by August 2013.

The increased demand for new telephone numbers is being driven by the increased use of cell phones, wireless data services, the Internet and IP telephony among consumers and businesses alike.
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