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Samsung Warranty

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Samsung have me a little worried.

In June 2008, I purchased a 250GB 2.5" HDD from NCIX. It failed late last year. In Feb I contacted Samsung. Without giving you the long story, here is what happened in note form:
1. Tried their website - lots of dead pages in terms of software to test the drive
2. Tried to obtain RMA - would not accept Serial number
3. Phoned Samsung - lots of time on phone - please send in the invoice. Eamiled invoice.
4. Reply that the product was not purchased in canada and that the warranty had expired !! There is a 3 year warranty on the drive.
5. Everything I had read, said that the warranty is from the date of purchase
6. More time on the phone...
7. I have to now prove to them that the warranty is from the date of purchase.
8. The Samsung warranty website:
indicates that it varies from region to region. BUT.... does not say what the warranty is in canada.

How absurd would it be if the warranty were to run from the date of manufacture ? Would I send back a recent purchase if it turned out hat the date of manufacture was more than a month ago ??

Anybody have any advice as to how to proceed ? Who would I appeal to ? Is the an ombudsman ?

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Have you contacted NCIX? What do they say?
Reply that the product was not purchased in canada
Most manufacturers won't warranty Grey Market products. (i.e./ goods meant to be sold in another country.)

As I suggested before, you should be talking to the retailer, because if its true, then they are selling Grey Market drives. (I don't have a problem with Grey Market, however, consumers should be warned that most manufacturers won't warranty Grey Market product)

You are ignoring the fact that Samsung says the product wasn't supposed to be sold in this country which would mean that its not warrantied in this country.

What did the retailer say to that?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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