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Samsung Series 6 LED / LCD

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Can't find much on this via searching this forum, so here goes some questions:

The Samsung Series 6 TV's I'm looking at are all apparently LED-powered, but there is no information about whether they are edge-lit or matrix-lit. Does anyone have hard information?

The 4 models I'm looking at are:

UN46C6800, .... 500, ... 400, ...300

Oddly, the website's specs don't show much in the way of major differences between these 4 models, and Samsung's support line had no information either, and actually suggested that I contact a retailer.

Does anyone have model difference information sources that you can point me at?
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Samsung series

I too would like to find out the actual differences between the Samsung Models. Their website comparison tool shows all the TVs to have pretty much the same specs, so it's pretty useless.

I'm only interested in Canadian NetFlix compatible brands, 55-65 inches.

The 9000 and 8000 series are out as they are too much dough.

Love to know what the difference is between the 7000 and 6000 series, as they are both in my price range.

How can I find out what the differences are between the 6400/6500/6800 models? Anyone know?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!
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Thanks, guys.

I was originally only looking at the Samsung because it does NetFlix natively, and can play movies from a USB-connected HD, but after looking at NetFlix's selection (which is pretty weak) I realize that I'll be better off getting HBO Canada than NetFlix, so that feature is no longer a priority.

Still like the Samsung, but I also like the pq on the Sonys. Decisions, decisions.

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