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Samsung Series 6 LED / LCD

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Can't find much on this via searching this forum, so here goes some questions:

The Samsung Series 6 TV's I'm looking at are all apparently LED-powered, but there is no information about whether they are edge-lit or matrix-lit. Does anyone have hard information?

The 4 models I'm looking at are:

UN46C6800, .... 500, ... 400, ...300

Oddly, the website's specs don't show much in the way of major differences between these 4 models, and Samsung's support line had no information either, and actually suggested that I contact a retailer.

Does anyone have model difference information sources that you can point me at?
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I don't know about the others, but there is only one difference between the 6300 (gloss black plastic bezel) and the 6500 (matt black metal bezel)!

.......ohhh, almost forgot and about a $200 difference in price.
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