In the luxury television market, consumers will often tell you bigger is better. Manufacturers have taken note.

Samsung Canada is introducing their largest, most advanced Smart LED HDTV on August 31st. The 75-inch ES9000, just .35 inches thin, fits with the bigger, thinner, smarter sets that are becoming the entertainment and two-way interactive informational hubs in more homes each day.

You can bet the flagship ES9000 delivers an excellent image plus many of the features, oddly enough, that users have come to expect from their smartphones and tablets. The obligatory webcam for Skype slides up and down from the top plus a voice-controlled app store is included, which also works with motion control similar to the Kinect or Wii.

Of course, there's Smart Touch Control, with the traditional remote control thrown in and let's not forget the 4-pairs of slimmed down 3D glasses for the latest content or whatever DVDs, Blu-rays or regular TV shows you convert from 2-D.

And if you're a decor fanatic, Samsung reports that "the floating bezel is adorned by an exquisite rose gold blush design (that) virtually floats during viewing, creating a truly immersive experience."

Future Shop currently has the ES9000, priced at $9,999.99 on pre-order and expects shipments to commence in early September.