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Hi Folks. I am wondering if any of the people in this forum has any thoughts on what might have happened. I purchased the Samsung PN42C430 on December 9th of last year, brought it home and was very happy. It is hooked up to a Bell Satellite 9241 Dual tuner pvr, Nintendo Wii via component, Xbox 360 via component also. It has been used for all of these things basically every day since.

This morning, my son was using the Wii and the display on the unit simply.....went away. It is not just video, rather the whole display. Using the remote to try and bring up the menu or options or anything else is futile. The sound works fine and it seems like it will run through the different sources but you cannot see anything. I have disconnected all cables and plugged them back in one at a time to no avail. I have called Samsung and they tell me I will receive a call from a local technician (which I am really surprised by considering my area is nothing close to metropolitan) to set up a house call. The lady assures me either he will be able to fix it here in the home or take it and repair it. If it is a severe enough situation, the unit could be replaced. Given that this happened on the second night of the NHL playoffs, it sucks but such is life.

I have read online some issues about these units (or Samsung in general) blowing capacitors and am wondering if this would present in this way? Any information would be appreciated because getting it fixed or replaced is very important to me but I would also like to know how to prevent it from happening in the future.


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