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Hey jCart,

Welcome here.

A bit difficult following your post, but I did check out the Samsung receiver you mentioned. I don't see in its specs where it would be suitable for multi-room, multi-source.

There are receivers available for this purpose, and a simple google search of the terms should turn some up for you. One issue is that the speakers that came with your HTIB are 3 ohm impedance - fairly low and really made to work with what came in the package.

However, even if you did upgrade your receiver, I imagine you'd like to use your HTIB control centre as a Blu-Ray player. Typically, these setups are not really designed to pass out audio to an outboard receiver, as they do the decoding and amplification on board.

Way I see it, you have a few choices:
- Keep your HTIB for surround sound, buy a second multi-room receiver for your other rooms. You may still need a switch if you want to control all three rooms independently
- Get a standalone Blu-Ray player, and a new multi-room receiver. Use the HTIB speakers until you decide to buy new ones (assuming the receiver can handle 4 ohm loads). Again, you may need a switch if you want to run the room independently.
- Install new receivers and source equipment in every room (I love gear)

Generally speaking, I'd avoid Samsung receivers if you were out looking for a new receiver. Plenty of good threads in this forum discuss the relative merits of Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer and other brands of AVR. Personally, I checked out the Samsungs, and was not impressed by the power supplies on them. To me, this is a fairly good sign that the quality of build (and hence sound) is not that good.

Good luck.
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