Worldwide sales of Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have crossed the 100 million unit mark.

Samsung released statistics indicating the original Galaxy S, which launched in May 2010, has sold 25 million units to date. The Galaxy S2 logged 40 million and the latest model, the Galaxy S3, has achieved 41 million in sales.

What's perhaps most astounding is that Samsung has hit the milestone in less than three years. Apple's iPhones, as you may recall, took almost four years to surpass the 100 million figure, in March 2011.

Another noteworthy accomplishment: the Galaxy S3 sold 20 million units during the first 100 days of availability. It toppled the iPhone 4S to become the world's top-selling smartphone during in the third quarter of 2012, when 30 million units shipped globally.

There's no sign that the S3's demand is slowing either, as it averages daily sales of about 190,000 units. The sales momentum is expected to continue in 2013 especially if a new Samsung S4 model is released in the second quarter, as rumoured.

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