More than one quarter of all televisions purchased by American consumers in January were linked to the internet according to a new survey by iSuppli.

The research firm surveyed 800 consumers and found that 27.5% had connected their new TVs to the Web, either through the internal capabilities of their sets or through an external device, such as a media extender or video game console.

Of those who were connected to the internet, 41.9% were connected using an Internet Enabled TV (IETV), an HDTV which can connect to internet, either with a wired link or wirelessly without the need of an additional device.

"IETVs provide easy, integrated Internet access, attracting the interest of consumers," said Tina Tseng, an iSuppli analyst who went on to say that all the major brands are now offering flat panel televisions with internet connectivity.

The next most popular ways of connecting through the web were: 20.3% through a video game console, 13.2% through an Internet-enabled Blu-ray player, 12.3% through a digital video box such as a Roku player and 12.3% were connected through some other type of device such as an internet module or a personal computer.

iSuppli predicts that worldwide sales of IETVs will rise to 87.6 million units by 2013, up from 14.7 million in 2009.

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