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S95 vs LX5 vs EX1 tough choices (and DxO Optics).

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With all the delays for the S95 (I own an S90 and it's a great camera) I've started to seriously consider the Panasonic LX5 instead.
I like the size of the S95 and mostly shoot wide angle so a wider lens is preferred.
I'm also a big fan of DXO Optics which supports the S90 & LX3 but not the S95 or LX5 (hopefully soon though) Sidenote: if you've never heard of DxO Optics and have an SLR or high end P&S it's literally and eye opener (more so for the P&S cameras it supports) Try their free demo and see for yourself.
Anyways I've narrowed it down to the three cameras in the thread title.

The Canon S95 $450
I've bought and loved Canon cameras since my 10D (sold it for a song, really nice but just not something I enjoyed lugging around). I've been through many Canon P&S cameras really enjoy my S90. I would like 720p video and HDR in camera would be nice too.
Small, HDR in camera, 720p H.264 video, really like the color of the S90 (very similar cameras), firmware supports Eye-Fi
Not much of an upgrade over the S90 IMO but it is smaller. no hotshoe

Samsung EX1 $550 (seems too high as in the US it's $400 - $450)
I like Samsung, I think their TVs are amazing. Not sure how keen I am on their cameras though.
Pros: amazing AMOLED articulating display, 24mm wide angle, f1.8
Cons: big, no 720p video, no DxO support and seems none likely, smallest sensor among these three cameras

Panasonic LX5 $500
I waked into several camera stores in the GTA recently, all were sold out of the LX5 and unanimously loved the LX5 over the S90 or anything else in that category / price range.
Pros: great optics, large sensor, 24mm f2.0
Cons: larger than the S90 or S95, seems nosier at higher ISOs (800 and up) than the S90

I really wanted something the size of the S95 as it'll fit into a small beltclip as I plan on taking it almost everywhere. The LX5 or EX1 seem a little to large for a beltclip

I've promised the S90 to the wife so I've got to pick something.
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