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So if I'm a mobile software house and I have a product to build what do I most likely do?

Realizing that resources are limited:
1) I support iOS, it's the largest paying market.
2) I support android as its probably the second largest.

Now - do I spend my limited resources making a special playbook version? Or do I go..meh I'll spend a little time tweaking my android version.

If that's true, then why have 4 SDK's + 2 Virtual Environments? Too much variety is rarely a good thing in development communities.

I think if they were going to go this route they should have picked one of the two 'native' platforms. Webworks or Air, I'd guess Air probably has more useful support if they manage to pull the flash developers in and then they should have supported the Android virtual environment.

I think supporting the blackberry thing is silly unless their plan is to just directly move their internal apps over (which I think is a horrible idea, they're poorly implemented in their native environment and it can only get worse in a touch screen only environment.)

If they'd not supported all these different environments they more likely could have gotten out the native environment as part of a more unified single native SDK which would have helped them greatly in app creation. People often knock Apple for using ObjectiveC, but allowing C code gives your developers access to a huge existing library of tested code.

All these choices really smack of someone unwilling to make hard decisions and that's never a good thing.
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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