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Rookie Optik Questions

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Optik noob questions

I am planning to pull the trigger and switch from Shaw to Optik in the next week or two. I've been browsing the forums but haven't found the answers to these questions: should hopefully be easy and any Optik user can answer them.

1) The install: I understand they put in their router or whatever near a phone outlet and connect it to a coax outlet, and then every coax outlet in the house becomes 'active' for Optik. Does every TV then require a 'set top box'. Is this like a box that takes the signal from coax and then gives component / HDMI output?

2) How many set top boxes do you get with an Optik install?

3) How many remotes do you get? No real issues with the Harmony One that anyone is aware of? (I did see this thread, but don't know what flavor of Harmony remote)

Thanks and sorry if this info is posted elsewhere- it seems so basic but I couldn't find it.
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@Frankd914 - I had the same problem last night (Wednesday March 23). My problem occurred with a recording of Survivor, and a recording of Modern Family.

With Survivor, the recording started at the beginning, but only played for about 3 minutes and then gave me the options to start over, etc as if I got to the end of the recording. The progress bar showed the recording as a full 1hour recording, but only let me play 3 minutes.

With Modern Family, the recording will only start playing 17 minutes in, even though it shows that it recorded the whole 30 minutes. I cannot rewind any earlier than 17 minutes.

Not sure why this happended to both of us last night. All my other recordings seem to be fine. I recorded a couple more shows last night that also turned out fine.

I tried the usual steps of rebooting the PVR, the receivers, and the router, but nothing seems to have worked. I don't have a resolution at this time, but thought I would post my experience as it sounds very similar to yours. I have had Optik TV since November, but have never experienced this issue before.
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This agent told me that the $50 bill credit is not applicable on the $15 promo. Can anyone confirm this?

3: I was contemplating purchasing a PVR off craigslist. I found a BNIB PVR for $150. Anything I should worry about? Would the $50 bill credit still apply (if I'm eligible for it even)?
I bought a PVR and HD receiver from Best Buy ($99 each) and signed up for the 15/15/15 combo. I did call in later and they put the $50 credit on my account. I have yet to see it on the bill, but you should be ok if you call in for the credit.

My recording was of Modern Family as well, maybe it had something to do with that feed. The recorder worked fine last night, hopefully this doesn't happen again.
Now that Facebook has been added to OPTIK TV, I was thinking about the possibility of displaying a persons face and number when an incoming phone call is displayed in on-screen call display.
Food for thought ???

My recording of modern familly was affected too, started at the 19min mark of the show. Its not the feed, i still have bell tv hooked up as i havent had telus tv for long, so its a back up, and on bell all the show is there.
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