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Rookie Optik Questions

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Optik noob questions

I am planning to pull the trigger and switch from Shaw to Optik in the next week or two. I've been browsing the forums but haven't found the answers to these questions: should hopefully be easy and any Optik user can answer them.

1) The install: I understand they put in their router or whatever near a phone outlet and connect it to a coax outlet, and then every coax outlet in the house becomes 'active' for Optik. Does every TV then require a 'set top box'. Is this like a box that takes the signal from coax and then gives component / HDMI output?

2) How many set top boxes do you get with an Optik install?

3) How many remotes do you get? No real issues with the Harmony One that anyone is aware of? (I did see this thread, but don't know what flavor of Harmony remote)

Thanks and sorry if this info is posted elsewhere- it seems so basic but I couldn't find it.
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remote pvr

I hear on the grapevine there are solutions for the things you mentioned coming soon.

I'd like to know the answers to this too, specifically to your question #3, as I can't seem to find that no matter how many sub-menu's I look through.
I can confirm that the version of Mediaroom that Telus is using doesn't support the features in #1 and #3. I use Mediaroom with MTS in Winnipeg and we just upgraded from the version that Telus uses to a newer version. It supports keeping a specified number of episodes of a series. and also allows you to specify for a given series "keep all episodes until I erase".
rookie questions on the pvr

1. how to add channels in favorites list. I pressed save button too soon
2. how to record by time eg. global tv morning news from 8:00: to end Mon to Sat instead of by series starting from 5:30 AM by default


1. You can go back into "Setup Favourites" and press OK to toggle the check-marks on or off. You can also customize your channels to remove channels from the guide altogether.

2. There isn't a way to set up a recurring recording by time - it's a one-time thing. The easiest way to do what you want is to record the series and fast-forward through the first part. The fastest speed should take about 30 seconds to skip 2.5 hours.
thx but I want to add channels not removing channels.
Failed to see how.

is there a reset for faovirites? how about add option anywhere?

I also tried going to program guides and tried ok button to see if any options to add to favorite, but failed to find any.

I don't have iphone, but is it posible to login into a website from my computer and do setup from there?
thx but I want to add channels not removing channels.
Failed to see how.
Use the checkboxes. Checked means that channel will be in your favourites. UnChecked means it will not be in your favourites.
I don't have iphone, but is it posible to login into a website from my computer and do setup from there?
thx for the info.
I tried creating account from the remote, I got error code 500 with regard to some server error
Try power-cycling your PVRs. That worked for me.
STB box

I purchased a Telus Optik box at Futureshop to add another TV. Do I have to get a Telus technician to install it or can I do it myself? I originally had 4 TVs with Shaw, so the coax cables all terminate where Telus has their splitter for my original 2 TVs.
Is there anyway to disable a STB from using an HD feed? I changed the output to 480 but HD channels still came in, does that count as an HD feed or an SD feed?
@Frankd914, yes the HD channel is still sent as an HD stream to the STB. The STB then converts it to 480 for the TV in your case.

If you want to stop a TV from using any HD streams, you can customize the channel guide and remove the HD channels. They will not be visible in the guide or searches and will be skipped when you press channel-up. However, you can still tune to a hidden channel by keying in the exact number. Each STB is customized separately and doesn't affect the other TVs.

Use Menu, Settings, Television, Customize Channel Guide.
With Optik TV and Windows Media Centre on my computer?

Hi probably stupid question, however, currently with shaw, switching to Telus Optik next month. I have Vista Ultimate which has windows Media Centre on the computer. I have a TV input which I hook up a Shaw cable and watch real time TV on my computer. It has been very handy. Now with Optik I think that no longer can happen. Am I right?:confused:
The only way you could use it would be if you attached a Hauppauge HD PVR (or similar device). It captures the component video and has a virtual tuner.
Your PC is capturing analog standard definition TV. Telus is all-digital, so you will need a STB to convert the signal. You can connect your PC to a Telus STB with coax or composite connections and watch SD TV that way if you wish.

The Hauppauge HD PVR will allow you to watch or record HDTV on your PC.
Thanks, Dr Dave, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to remove the channels, but I guess I will have to.

I have another question, I had a recording last night that would not play from the beginning, it started halfway through the show and when I tried to reverse it stopped at the same time, but the bar was showing that there was time before, any idea of what would cause that?


I've never seen that exact problem. Did you try pressing INFO and "start Over" to get to the beginning?

If you start watching a program on one TV and later start watching the same program even on a different TV, it will resume where you left off.

I sometimes get a problem when I try to rewind live TV when it seems to get stuck at a certain point. If I record the program, it will play from the beginning.
I think I tried Start Over and it went to the same spot, I'm at work so I'll try that when I get home. But I know I could not reverse past that point even though the bar and time indicated that there was content there, its like the recording is corrupt. The PVR is only a week old today, if this happens again I may ask for a new one or try to get a definite answer of what is happening.

Could it have been I was out of feeds for 15 minutes? What happens when all feeds are being used and the time for a scheduled recording comes up? Does the recoding get skipped? I'd rather have recordings take priority over live, but I have not seen this option.


Shaw customer here. I cancelled my Service effective April 22nd in order to take TELUS up on their $15/TV and $15/Internet offer. I have a few questions:

1: I have about 6 offers sitting in a pile here. The one from February was for $15 TV/$15 Internet/$15 Phone for 12 months. The March offer is for 6 months only. There was no expiry on the 12 month offer, but TELUS is telling me it's expired. I am not doubting them, but I want to know if there is anyway around that? Would they ever make exceptions?

2: I made a preliminary call to ask a bunch of questions about Optik service before I decided to cancel my Shaw service. When I talked to the guy he confirmed the $15/6 month offer, and let me know it would go up to $65 at the end of the 6 months (basic TV and internet only, no phone). During that call I asked about buying my own PVR versus signing a 3 year contract. He said I could buy the box for $199, and that I would also receive a $50 bill credit for brinGing my own hardware. He said there was also a $50 instant rebate for buying the box in store, but quickly took that back and said that it was already factored into the $199 price tag. Anyways, my question is about the $50 credit. After I called to cancel my Shaw service I called TELUS back to order my service. This agent told me that the $50 bill credit is not applicable on the $15 promo. Can anyone confirm this?

3: I was contemplating purchasing a PVR off craigslist. I found a BNIB PVR for $150. Anything I should worry about? Would the $50 bill credit still apply (if I'm eligible for it even)?
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Could it have been I was out of feeds for 15 minutes? What happens when all feeds are being used and the time for a scheduled recording comes up? Does the recoding get skipped? I'd rather have recordings take priority over live, but I have not seen this option.
Frankd914, Mediaroom will not schedule a partial program. If you manually started a recording part way through the program, the start time will show the actual start time (eg. 8:15) and the progress bar will still start at 0.

Recordings automatically take priority over live TV. If all the streams are in use when a recording is scheduled to start, the PVR will allocate the oldest live stream to the recording. If all the streams are in use when you try to tune to a live channel, Mediaroom will give you the choice to interrupt another TV or a recording.

If you try to schedule more recordings than you have streams, Mediaroom will warn you and allow you to resolve the conflict. If a conflict occurs in the future due to episodes being rescheduled, Mediaroom will flag the lowest priority program with a red circle and an 'X' in the Scheduled List. You can periodically scan the scheduled list for conflicts and resolve any you wish to change. You can often reschedule one of the programs to a time-shift channel.
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