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Rookie Optik Questions

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Optik noob questions

I am planning to pull the trigger and switch from Shaw to Optik in the next week or two. I've been browsing the forums but haven't found the answers to these questions: should hopefully be easy and any Optik user can answer them.

1) The install: I understand they put in their router or whatever near a phone outlet and connect it to a coax outlet, and then every coax outlet in the house becomes 'active' for Optik. Does every TV then require a 'set top box'. Is this like a box that takes the signal from coax and then gives component / HDMI output?

2) How many set top boxes do you get with an Optik install?

3) How many remotes do you get? No real issues with the Harmony One that anyone is aware of? (I did see this thread, but don't know what flavor of Harmony remote)

Thanks and sorry if this info is posted elsewhere- it seems so basic but I couldn't find it.
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Need help from Dr Dave

I have been a Telus phone and high speed internet customer for eons.
Am thinking of adding Optik TV.
Have some installation concerns, and I think some were just answered, however, each install is slightly different I'm sure.
In my case, I have shaw cable running to 2 tv's, one in the kitchen and one in the basement. Also a shaw cable running to my stereo.
I have a dedicated telus line running to my office for high speed internet modem, hence no filters for my four phones.
What is involved and what will change if I add Telus Optik TV ?
I do not want to place an order for Telus Optik TV until I can get a bit of clarity.
Thanks for any input.

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Cockroach and Dr.Dave, thanks so much for your input. Just to clarify, from the outside Telus box, I have one dedicated phone line running into the house and one dedicate internet line running into my office, where my 2 wire modem is. Unfortunately, I have no shaw cable running into my office, and the two TV's are at the opposite end of my house.
I guess the new modem will have to be further away from my PC, and I assume that it will not be a problem.
Anyway, your replies are very much appreciated.


The shaw cable box is actually very close to my office.
It's too bad that Telus totally refuses to send a tech person to my place to go over the installation before I sign up.

tech person in North Van

Does any one know how I can get hold of a Telus tech person in N.Van ?
If Telus won't send one to my place, going to give all to Shaw.
Re Telus pre order

Thanks again for the input. Good idea if I can cancel right then and there when the tech person shows up and I don't happen to like the installation process.
I will try that approach.

Must say, much appreciate the quick response on this forum. :)
Great job all.

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