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Rookie Optik Questions

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Optik noob questions

I am planning to pull the trigger and switch from Shaw to Optik in the next week or two. I've been browsing the forums but haven't found the answers to these questions: should hopefully be easy and any Optik user can answer them.

1) The install: I understand they put in their router or whatever near a phone outlet and connect it to a coax outlet, and then every coax outlet in the house becomes 'active' for Optik. Does every TV then require a 'set top box'. Is this like a box that takes the signal from coax and then gives component / HDMI output?

2) How many set top boxes do you get with an Optik install?

3) How many remotes do you get? No real issues with the Harmony One that anyone is aware of? (I did see this thread, but don't know what flavor of Harmony remote)

Thanks and sorry if this info is posted elsewhere- it seems so basic but I couldn't find it.
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Just a couple questions I have that I've searched but just need some clarification on;

1) When it says 3 shows can be recorded at one time. Does that mean if I had 4 boxes in my house I could only use 3 at the same time? Or am I confusing myself? lol I know you can have up to 6 boxes but can they all work at one time on different channels?

2) Currently I am a Bell user and am quite pleased with picture quality but from what I can search
people are saying Optiks quality is great. Any ex Bell users here or anyone else know of accounts of others who think Telus is equal or better than Bell quality?

I'm pretty much sold from what a read and my house is set with cat5 so I'm excited for the move. I just don't wanna run to any problems or disappointments now that my beloved football is back!

Thanks in advance, love the site very helpful.
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Awesome, had a feeling that's what it was but just curious and had to be sure. Is the 3 or 4 streams just on location or cost as well?
Thanks for the help AE and Dave...

Can anyone comment in regards to quality with Bell? Seems everyone posting transfered from Shaw but I'm just wondering on impressions from ex Bell customers?
Well the switch is made, I'm fully optik, gotta say 24 hours in i'm all smiles. I thought i'd put in my two cents since i kinda helped start this thread with some rookie questions. I can agree with the general consensus out there. The guide is great, multiroom pvr is awesome, i have 2 HD and 1 SD feeds currently but anxiously await the 3 HD 1 SD. I have 3 boxes in my house a PVR box an HD box and a 360.

My main worry was picture quality. Everyone mentions how much better it is than shaw but there weren't many ex-bell users bragging about their switch. My friend was the service tech who did my setup and he was honest. Bell would be better, but it's not like the HD was brutal. He was right to some extent. I have a 32 inch samsung on the PVR box and a 52 inch on the 360. After we set them up we noticed the 32 inch was perfect, but the 52 inch was not so much. However the perfectionist in me wouldn't settle though. Always play with your settings. After 30 min of playing i had the quality way up. Really good quality yet it was true Bell was better, however not by much.

This is not to say Telus won't help us out down the road and beef it up. The pro's far out weight the cons and I'm very happy. Watched Dexter after my settings changed and it was beautiful. Yet to have internet issues. I've been playing halo while my gf and kids are watching each hd streams and experience no lag. Sunday Ticket is the same as all other platforms for those wondering about that. 360 users there is one tip of advice i'd like to mention. If you play games on 1080p switch it to 720p before watching TV. I was getting some lag and pix-elation when watching sports specifically and couldn't find out why. Made the switch and was gold jerry, GOLD. If you guys have any questions shoot me a line I can hopefully answer it or shoot my buddy who setup the service a text too.

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