This Wednesday December 14th, Rogers Wireless is expected to launch a new service wireless and web based communications service called Rogers One Number.

According to a new Rogers One Number Beta website, the service will enable wireless customers to text, talk and email from their computer using their existing Rogers wireless number.

In addition, wireless users will be able to log on to a personalized website where they can manage their text messages emails and sync their contact list between their wireless phone and computer.

If you have to leave your computer, you'll also be able to seamlessly switch calls between your computer and your wireless phone without the person at the other end even knowing you've got up.

While the plan is an excellent idea for wireless customers with an unlimited calling plan, using the Rogers One number on the computer could be quite expensive for subscribers who have more limited plans. When using the Rogers One Number website, calls and text messages will count towards a subscribers wireless plan.
No word yet on whether subscribers to Rogers’ Fido and Chatr Wireless brands will also be eligible for the service.

Complete details of the Rogers One Number service are expected to be announced on Wednesday.

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