by Christina Peden

Rogers CEO Guy Laurence today unveiled his multi-year plan—dubbed Rogers 3.0—to radically overhaul customer service and accelerate company growth.

Laurence, who took over as CEO in December 2013, spent the first 3 months of his tenure crisscrossing the country, 22,000 km in total, meeting and greeting with nearly 11,000 Rogers employees. All this in a bid to learn what the company was doing well and where it needed to improve.

In a press briefing Friday, Laurence admitted that Rogers has, “neglected its customers in recent years” and become bogged down by old processes that no longer served the customer or the company.

Today’s announcement of Rogers 3.0, a plan set to roll out over the next three years, is based on 7 principles:

1. Be a strong Canadian growth company

2. Overhaul the Customer Experience

3. Drive meaningful growth in the business market

4. Invest in and develop our people

5. Deliver compelling content anywhere

6. Focus on innovation and network leadership

7. Go to market as One Rogers

Laurence is quick to admit Rogers 3.0 is not his plan, but a plan created by Rogers customers, shareholders and employees; a product of listening to all three stakeholders.

One of the biggest shakeups announced today was a drastic restructuring of the entire company in a bid to radically improve customer service. Laurence will now have a unit of 10,400 staff entirely dedicated to improving customer service, reporting expressly to him.

Laurence knows the company has a tough road ahead, but it’s dedicated to restoring consumer confidence and financial growth.