This week, Rogers Communications announced they are eliminating its wireless carrier, Mobilicity, and moving all existing customers to Chatr.

According to reports, effective August 15 th 2016, Rogers will cease activating new Mobilicity lines, and next fall they will begin moving the existing 150,000 Mobilicity customers over.

“The most important thing for customers to know is that they should keep using their plans like they have been,” said a Rogers spokesperson in a statement to MobileSyrup.

“They (the plans) will offer similar features and in a lot of cases offer more value. We’re going to offer them comparables to what they currently have. All of the different pricing and feature options will be available exclusively to Mobilicity customers on the migration portal when it opens,” said the spokesperson.

Rogers plans to keep more than half of their existing Mobilicity retail locations operating, transferring them to Chatr, and will close the remaining operations.

Rogers said it will offer “comparable plans,” to present customers, and did not comment on whether prices will increase with the move, or not.

Mobilicity’s website is updating customers as the transition to Chatr occurs.

According to Mobile Syrup, before Mobilicity entered the Canadian wireless market, it was known as DAVE Wireless and was spearheaded by serial entrepreneur John Bitove, who helped build the Sirius XM and Prism brands in Canada.

Rogers purchased Mobilicity in June 2015, after Telus had attempted to buy the company three times but was continually rejected by regulators .

Chatr Mobile is a Canadian mobile virtual network operator which launched in 2010, targeting entry-level customers.