Rogers Wireless this week announced that it has begun a technical trial of Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology in Ottawa.

If the trial is successful, Rogers hopes LTE will be its next generation of wireless technology used on its wireless network. In the U.S., Verizon has announced it will launch its LTE service in over 30 markets on November 15th.

For consumers, LTE's primary advantage over Rogers current 3G network is speed. The company believes LTE will make network speeds of 150 Mbps possible. For Rogers, LTE promises better network performance, better support for data services demanded by todays smartphones and lower costs.

"LTE is the next generation platform delivering superior mobile speed and functionality similar to what Canadians currently experience at home and at work." said Nadir Mohamed, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Communications Inc.

The trial will be conducted in conjunction with Ericsson Canada who acquired the technology in North America from Nortel Networks in 2009.

Ericsson, in co-operation with Rogers, has been conducting LTE lab testing at its Ottawa Research and Development facility comparing speeds and performance of LTE technology in multiple frequency bands. Rogers will expand on this testing in a real life trial on both low and high band frequencies across the Ottawa area.

Rogers says the trial will examine how LTE technology performs in real world situations in urban, suburban, and rural environments by measuring actual data speeds, quality of signals and interoperability with the Rogers existing HSPA+ wireless network.

The technical trial will initially use recently auctioned AWS spectrum. Rogers is also working with Industry Canada to secure a development license to use 700 MHz spectrum for the trial.

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