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I have an Ericsson W35 delivering a signal to an XP Pro and a Vista machine. The W35 shows full bars of signal all the time. Both machines will lose the connection from time to time. When the signal is lost, the Vista machine shows "limited" connectivity, the XP will show 48-54 Mbps but cannot connect to the internet.

In XP if I ask it to repair teh connection, it disconnects, reconnects and it works . The Vista has to be done manually the same way.

I also use this thing for phone service and have two sets of cordless phones connected, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghx.

I have tried changing channels on the Hub, from Auto (1) to 6 and 11. I switched both machines to use static IP's instead of dynamic, with no benefit.

Does anyone have an understanding of this system that can help me?

Thank you,
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