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Rogers Price Increase: March 1, 2011

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Just got my price increase notice. Looks like most cable packages going up $1-3, home phone packages and long distance plans $1 each. Sorry if this was already posted somewhere, I didn't see it.
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I downgraded from Digital VIP to Digital Plus today. Didnt feel I needed to spend the extra money for channels I didnt watch.

Funny thing is I have always had an SD box and got my HD over-the-air. I upgraded to a Cisco 4642 HD box to see what Rogers HD was like, after going to Digital Plus, it's still $5/month cheaper than VIP with an SD box.

I ended up getting free rental of the HD box for 1 year and 20% my internet for 1 year.

Sad part is that Roger HD is nowhere near the quality of OTA HD.
Thinking of making this move from vip to digital plus myself. Any channels you miss?

Only thing i think that is missing i watch a lot of is tsnhd
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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