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Rogers Price Increase: March 1, 2011

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Just got my price increase notice. Looks like most cable packages going up $1-3, home phone packages and long distance plans $1 each. Sorry if this was already posted somewhere, I didn't see it.
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becks, while I hate to come to the defence of Rogers on anything. To say that they haven't improved their cable service is pretty much a lie. They are adding channels on a regular basis, improving their on demand content including adding HD on demand all the time and adding new features like the new auto HD.

And their annual small increases is nothing to really get all prissy about...they are annual increases, they do it every year as does every other cable the world.
I agree that Rogers still has a lot of work to do. Their HD quality is barely HD and they need a lot of work on their PVR functionality and ON Demand could be much better. They are falling behind in a lot of aspects.

I for one have scaled back to a lesser cable package last year and have voiced my complaints to those who will hear it.

But I dunno what to tell you boys, that's capitalism! Rogers main, number one goal is to make as much money as possible, you can't really yell at them for doing just that. Yay capitalism!
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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