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Rogers Price Increase: March 1, 2011

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Just got my price increase notice. Looks like most cable packages going up $1-3, home phone packages and long distance plans $1 each. Sorry if this was already posted somewhere, I didn't see it.
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I think that's it for me, I'll switch to a 3rd party internet provider and download any shows I want to watch. I have no problem with rate increases if there are improvements, but I'm yet to see any of those
Really krectus you're going to defend them? Sorry but for the yearly increases I've been paying I don't see the same in yearly improvements. Sure they add a channel here and there but 99% of the time it's useless channels that are only taking up bandwith which results in the HD channels I actually want to watch being compressed more and more each year. Also, a lot of these so called "improvements" esp to the pvr features are years behind when they should of been released and Rogers doesn't even provide us with the most up to date firmware so we can have features that are available from other providers. Sorry but I find Rogers a total cash grab company with very little thought for their customers. I can understand an increase every few years or so when necessary upgrades are needed, but this is now a yearly thing which is totally ridiculous. /Rant
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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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