Last week, Digital Home told you about a new online on-demand service from Rogers which would deliver a selection of TV programming to customer’s computers.

Last night, the company announced the online portal would launch next Monday November 30th with approximately 1,500 videos and 15 content providers.

Content providers include Rogers properties such as SportsNet and CityTV along with TVO, Treehouse, and SuperChannel. Rogers cable and wireless customers will require a username and password to access to the portal and customers will only get access to content they subscribe.

Simple speaking, if you don't subscribe to a channel such as Sportsnet through Rogers Cable then you won't have access to it on your computer.

The company says it will allow concurrent logins raising the potential for abuse, however, Rogers says it will be monitoring accounts for abuse. The company did not say what criteria it would use to establish when customers are "abusing" the service.

Unlike most cable on demand services which remove advertising, online viewers will be required to watch commercials and will not be able to fast forward through them. While navigating the portal, users will be required to view banner ads and other online promotional material. Once the tv shows begin, commercial programs, such as those seen on CityTV and Sportsnet will air with commercials.

The shows will be streamed at a low quality 480 kps with an option to be delivered at a higher quality 1 Mbps. Although more than twice the low quality feed, the 1 Mbps option is still much less than the high definition video you receive on your television, which is typically 12 to 14 Mbps per second. Clearly this online on-demand service is best used for viewing on your computer or your wireless phone.

Rogers High Speed Internet customers should note that the Rogers On Demand online service will count towards their bandwidth cap meaning a high quality feed could use up a gigabyte of bandwidth in just over two hours.

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