The CEO and President of Rogers Communications, Nadir Mohamed, will retire in January 2014.

"Nadir is a highly regarded executive who has delivered strong results and substantial value for more than a decade," said Alan Horn, Chairman of the Board, Rogers Communications Inc. "Thanks to his disciplined and strategic management approach we've strengthened our core business, solidified our financial position and set Rogers up for long-term success. The board is grateful for his significant contributions and looks forward to working with him to ensure a seamless and orderly transition."

An international search is on its way and both Edward Rogers and Melinda Rogers will help Mohamed find the best replacement.

Born in Tanzania and moving with his family to Canada in 1971, Mohamed joined Rogers in August 2000 and served as President and CEO of Rogers Wireless from 2001 to 2005 before his appointment as President and COO of Rogers Communications Group in 2005. He has held the President and Chief Executive Officer post since March 2009.

Rogers, on Feb. 14, reported net income of $455 million in the fourth quarter on revenue of $3.2 billion. Also, Rogers' wireless division activated or upgraded 940,000 smartphones this quarter, a significant hike from 791,000 in Q4 2011.

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