Earlier this week, Rogers Communications announced a new portfolio of leapfrog cybersecurity solutions that will help Canadian businesses protect themselves against global cyber-attacks.

According to Rogers, the new security solutions will be delivered as a service to businesses so customers can "focus on running their businesses, while having their networks and data secured."

Businesses using the service will have access to diagnostic tools backed by Trustwave, a world leader in cybersecurity, to decipher failed attacks. They will also have access to dedicated support and threat intelligence from teams of security experts operating from Canadian security operations centers.

"Cybersecurity is the number one concern for Canadian businesses of all sizes, and many lack the resources, time and expertise to manage the reality of cyber threats today" says Nitin Kawale, President of Enterprise Business Unit at Rogers Communications. "We are introducing solutions to our customers of all sizes… These solutions are offered as a service to give our customers peace of mind knowing their networks and data are secured."

The cybersecurity solutions will be available in early 2016 for small, medium and large enterprises.

According to their website, solutions provided by Rogers will include:
  • Real-time monitoring:This includes 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of security events within a businesses' network infrastructure. Experienced security analysts operating from Canadian-based security operations centers will detect threats and mitigate risks before they occur.
  • Cybersecurity diagnostic tools:This provides proactive scanning and security testing to identify network security weaknesses and solutions ahead of a breach.

According to the communications giant, 75% of Canadian IT leaders do not have enough staff to run cybersecurity solutions in their business.