As of April 2nd, residents and businesses in Calgary and Halifax can join the other 10 million Canadians tapping in to the Rogers LTE network.
Rogers hopes to bump up that count to include 60 percent of the Canadian population by the end of 2012.

"We're thrilled to offer our LTE network to even more Canadians in the east and the west," said John Boynton, Rogers Executive Vice President and CMO.

Boyton adds: "Now, Calgarians and Haligonians can enjoy the benefits of speeds on their mobile devices comparable to what they would get at home. And, they can do it on an LTE network that is Canada's fastest and largest for a robust and reliable experience."

Edmonton will be the next city in Alberta slated for LTE services. Additionally, Rogers announced that it plans to  launch two new exclusive smartphones in April: the Nokia Lumia 900 - the first Windows LTE smartphone - and the HTC One X, which is the first designed with Beats Audio.

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