Starting April 15 th , 2015, Rogers Communications will be extending its popular ROAM LIKE HOME TM offer to cover over 35 countries in Europe. This added service will allow Rogers customers to talk, text, send emails, share photos and surf when abroad with ROAM LIKE HOME on their Share Everything TM plans.

According to Rogers, this new offer comes on the heels of results from an online survey conducted by Nielsen on behalf of Rogers among a national sample of 827 Canadian panelists aged 18 and over, who carry a mobile phone or tablet with them and who have traveled to Europe in the past three years or are planning on traveling to Europe in the next 12 months.

According to the survey, 60 per cent of Canadians aren't using their phones like they do at home when traveling to Europe.

With the new plan, customers will pay $10/day when roaming within an eligible country and will be charged for a maximum of ten days on each monthly bill or a maximum of $100 in total. Customers will have access to the same data and unlimited talk and text included in their Share Everything TM plans and calls and texts to local numbers in the country being visited or back to Canada will be included with no long distance charges applied.

The offer has simple details. Share Everything customers already enrolled in ROAM LIKE HOME U.S. will not have to take further steps in order to use ROAM LIKE HOME TM in Europe.  Clients already enrolled can simply start using devices while traveling in Europe and will enjoy the new flat fee roaming rate of $10 per day. Existing Share Everythingcustomers not signed up for ROAM LIKE HOME U.S. can enroll for the flat fee roaming service by texting "travel" to 222 for free before leaving for a trip or once landing in an eligible European country for travel.

According to Guy Laurence, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Communications, Canadians are now using their phones in the U.S. just like they would at home.

"Given how much customers love ROAM LIKE HOME in the U.S.,” he says,  “it made sense to expand... so now our customers can use (the service) in over 35 European countries."