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Looking for a new internet offer (Promo) from Rogers. My father in law retired so I purchased him a PC and he needs internet so he won't drive my mother in law crazy. He wants to disable bell phone line $45 per month and get internet and voip for similar price as he pays today.

He lives in a Condo in Brampton and Rogers has locked out TekSavvy Cable so thats not an option and if he disconnects phone with Bell he will need a dry loop so DSL would be an extra $8 a month on top of $24.95 so we are now at $33 ++

What he would really like is phone and internet for $45 and he doesnt pay for power so I gave him a magic jack with a Cad number (but he wants to port his own # so that will be fun I signed up for the Beta port program). Oh his TV is rogers (included in condo fees).

The cheapest I could find was a 6 month offer for $30 per month + free modem from for 15 Gig / 3mbps (rogers lite). than after 6 months jump back up to $35 + $4 for modem + tax.

Anyone have other ideas
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