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Rogers Ignite TV (IPTV) Discussions.

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This thread is for Rogers new IPTV (Ignite TV) discussions:

I have been contacted recently regarding Ignite TV (IPTV). I would like to share the following information, which may provide a good summary for those who need to know some of the technical information. The Ignite CSR was very knowledgeable addressing my questions well.

1. Since I currently own 4 Rogers boxes, I wanted to run at least a couple of these in parallel with Ignite. This is not possible. You need to switch completely.

2. I have existing Internet and Home Phone (yes, I still have a home phone) but even those change somewhat and become part of the Ignite bundle.

3. Ignite does not run Navigatr firmware. It runs something different and has numerous “nice to have features” like searches that can include Netflix or YouTube. If you wish to see what the interface looks like, search the web for “YouTube Xfinity” which is the Comcast system. Or go to YouTube and search “Comcast Xfinity.” or use other similar search terms. Rogers is not identical, but similar. If you search the Rogers Website for “Ignite TV”, there are several additional links available.

4. There is one “Modem” that can be placed anywhere in the home (what we usually call the demarcation point). The various boxes that you would use for various TVs in your home are wireless (can also be wired to the modem, but the modem only has 2 Ethernet ports). The “modem” takes care of everything – TV, Home Phone, Internet, however it doesn’t have internal battery backup, so I would suggest a UPS for anyone considering Ignite. If there are issues with the wireless operation, Rogers will supply hardware to make things work (like a switch). A UPS may or may not keep the system up because the battery backup in the Rogers node near your home may be missing or useless. In this case, everything (including home phone) will be down. Most people have a cell phone, but be aware.

5. From the FAQs it looks like you can record up to 8 simultaneous recordings.

6. There is no Hard Drive to save your recordings. Your recordings are allocated to a space “in the cloud” (Rogers Servers?). You can record up to 200 hours before programming would automatically be deleted (oldest first). There also appears to be a one-year time limit, so no archiving beyond that. In the future there may be an option for more storage at additional cost, but this should be more than adequate for most families. It appears that you can download recordings to an app, so there is a bit of archiving possible that way.

7. All the TV set top boxes are 4K and the 4K channels are included at this time.

8. The remote has a voice command option (you press a button and talk into the remote). This allows you to search for programming, set recordings, etc. It also allows “voice guidance” (for visually impaired - see the YouTube Videos, etc.)

9. The FF and REW speeds should be similar to what we have with Navigatr on a NB3/9865, however, I would have to check myself to see how “responsive” the commands are when compared to the 9865, which is “instant” when it comes to pressing Play/Pause, etc. I know I could not put up with the slow response that I see when using VOD for example. I do not watch any live TV, only recordings, so the button presses must be acted on instantly. There is apparently a programmable “skip” feature, which allows you to skip forward various times (in say minutes). I don’t know the limitations of this skip feature, but perhaps we can get feedback once people have Ignite in their homes and use these functions.

10. The TV boxes only have HDMI out. If you wish to connect to an older devices without HDMI, you’ll need to purchase a converter.

There are way too many features for me to go into in this one post, the YouTube videos and searches of Rogers Website will provide lots of additional information for those interested.

Here's a summary of things that IgniteTV doesn't do.

  • TV Call Display
  • “on” Channel (goes to last channel instead)
  • No DD5.1 on cloud recordings (is available live and OD)
  • Time off? (extend recordings) Done Automatically
  • Latency/ping issues as discussed in the Rogers Forum
  • Emergency Alert doesn’t cancel
  • Recordings deleted after one year (without warning).
  • No Guest Mode on Modem/Router

Although I’m not going to discuss exact pricing, it will vary with your package. For example, I currently have the grandfathered Ultimate VIP with Movies. In order to get something similar with Ignite TV, I’d be on the “Premiere” TV package, plus have to pay a bit more for some channels that are not in Premiere. I was provided with the option to have 500 mbps/unlimited Ignite Internet, along with a Home Phone package similar to what I currently have. Unfortunately, the price of all this was a lot more than I’m currently paying. I therefore declined to switch at this time. At this price point, I don’t believe that Rogers will get many “average customers” to switch. There are no appreciable "discounts" for Ignite. This price point appears to be for early adopters or people in the top 5%. It’s not a matter of “too little, too late” because the technology appears to be great, but I would say it’s “too expensive, too late.” This will be a tough sell for Rogers with many people looking at cord cutting or cord minimizing - not at increasing their bills.
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I will not provide my pricing information. You can get an idea of the cost by looking at the "list/regular (non-promo) prices" for the TV packages, plus the "list/regular price" for the Internet package - I believe it's 500 Ignite unlimited. That would be the rough total, perhaps a bit less. So, you're getting Home Phone (Deluxe, Canada LD only in my case) "for free" (roughly). I don't know how this compares with Bell, but you'd probably have to look at their regular pricing and not their promo (loss leader) pricing.

The package comes with one "modem" and one TV box. Extra boxes are $10/mo. Installation is $150 (not wave-able)
Channels outside the list in the TV packages are separate. For example, TMN/HBO is about $20/mo, Can/US timeshifting is about $6/mo, etc.

One additional note. I wasn't sure whether the CSR was offering it just to me, or because I would be on "Premiere", but he stated that I could "swap" any "regular priced" channels contained in my package for another "regular priced" channels outside the package. Again, this may not be available to all.
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@alebowgm : Please check out post 1 of this thread since some of your questions are addressed there.

1. Yes they come out. No self-install at this time.
2. Yes, they take the equipment back if rented. You can sell it on Kijiji if you own it.
3. Don't know about the number, but I suspect it's a lot.
4. Rental only - $10/mo per box beyond the first.
5. Don't know about the remote being IR or RF, but it also has voice commands.
6. Probably won't work with the legacy remotes (1056, etc).
7. Nextboxes will continue to be supported until everyone is forced onto IPTV - perhaps in a few years. I don't expect any "updates" other than perhaps firmware if there are issues. Rogers is focused on IPTV. I don't know about SARA and how long they'll continue to support it.
The channel packages are the same ones outlined in the first link of post 6 of this thread:

The number of channels that you can "swap" has not been tied down completely and seems to vary with which CSR people talk to, however, the better the package, the more channels you can swap. As more people get Ignite TV, the more information we will have on what you can do.
A lot of posts that were not discussing Ignite, have been moved to their own thread:
I also cannot find a list of recordings you have setup that have no scheduled recordings coming up. I think this is similar to the nextbox.
In Navigatr, you can see these "zombie" series recordings near the bottom of the tiles view. They will be below your undeleted recordings and above the series that do have programmes scheduled during the next week.
...some even did 4 weeks.
I had one that did 364 days!
Did I read somewhere that it includes the 4K channels?
Yep, post 1 of this thread.
....was concerned that I would lose all the recordings on my NB3. He asked whether I own box and I replied that I do. He said no problem then, because I could still watch them even though the box wouldn’t be connected to the cable.
This will work provided the box never needs to reboot. However, if you have a power failure, or if the box needs to reboot for another reason, you will likely then not be able to watch your recordings since the 9865 will not be connected to cable.

You can test this by disconnecting the cable and rebooting the box. The box probably won't boot. You can then reconnect the cable and boot it. Even if you're connected to a UPS, you may need to reboot at some time...

Per my comments in post 1 of this thread, the two systems are incompatible.
@kibosh, thanks for the tips. Getting into the diagnostics is the same as for the Nextboxes using Navigatr.

Some OD programming allows for FF (using Navigatr). Some doesn't - depends on the rights holder.

Thanks for the tip on changing the amount of skip.

I've added the tips to the Remote thread:
Bell Fibe is IPTV. (I realize that Ignite is IPTV) I believe the patent may be specific to "Cable providers" (I don't recall the exact decision and Rogers is probably viewed as a "Cable provider" in much the same way that Comcast is) Rogers removed it first from Navigatr/SARA.

Also Rogers may be playing it safe because the "patent win" was actually against Comcast and may not apply to Canada, but since the firmware may be similar to Comcast, with Rogers licensing from Comcast, Rogers may not wish to be seen as in violation. It's a complex issue and is not that simple. Comcast and Rogers are probably waiting for an appeal on the decision, or an agreement with TiVo to license.
The first "discount" is now available. See the following link (includes 150 instead of 500 Mbps download internet).

I'm sure more discounts will come soon. Not many people are willing to pay almost $100/mo more for Ignite, but would be willing to pay some premium...
I don't believe it is. That may have been a leftover misrepresentation. If you click the top link it says:

Offer available while supplies last within Rogers cable service area in Ontario (where technology permits)...
which makes sense.
The "terminal" has no hard drive, etc. It's all in the cloud on IgniteTV.
I believe that over on the Rogers forum someone mentioned they were able to sideload the app and it worked. (Not recommended for casual users.)
The delays are usually by the broadcaster due to potential swearing etc. I though it was usually only 5-10 seconds. I don't believe the service provider adds any additional delay, other than the 1-2 seconds it takes for digital TV tuning, etc.
Do you mean you want to control Bose equipment, or do you want the Bose remote to control Ignite? If the former, check out the instructions in the following link for remote codes for audio equipment, TVs, etc.

Code Finder says Basic code for Bose is 31933. There are probably others but you didn't provide the model number.
It's unlikely that the Bose will be able to control much of the functionality of the Ignite remote (Guide, List, Voice Control, etc?).

If you want one remote to do all equipment, I suggest you get something like the Harmony 650 or 655. They were on sale for $50 during boxing week and can handle anything IR. Harmony is an activity based remote and will turn on all appropriate equipment, tune it to the proper input, etc all with one button press.
Someone over on Rogers Forum mentioned that the modem makes a bit of noise. Place it on something soft - perhaps that'll help.
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