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Rogers HSPA+ network now available in Saskatoon and Regina

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Rogers Wireless has announced the availability of its High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) network in Saskatoon and Regina for use with the company's Rocket Mobile Internet Stick.

The company says the higher speed network can provide theoretical download speeds of up to 21 megabits per second (Mbps), almost triple the previous maximum threshold of 7.2 Mbps download.

In a separate statement issued today, Rogers said that the HSPA+ network would also be available in Winnipeg later this year.

The Rogers HSPA+ wireless network is now available in these Canadian markets: Victoria, Kelowna, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Kitchener, Ontario Cottage Country, Hamilton, Windsor, St.Catharines, London, Barrie, Kingston, Sudbury, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Halifax, Moncton, St. Johns, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary .

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I am flabberghasted that it is taking so long for Rogers to upgrade to HSPA+. The Bell/Telus combo upgraded their whole system coast-to-coast in about 6 months. NB was supposed to be upgraded to HSPA (7.2) 2 years ago but I still have only Edge service where I live.
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