In a series of broadcasting decisions handed down over the last week, the CRTC has approved applications by Rogers Broadcasting for seven new national English language category 2 specialty channels.

Category 2 channels are stations licensed by the CRTC to broadcast within defined formats but are not guaranteed cable or satellite television carriage rights.

The proposed channels from Rogers, approved by the Federal regulator include: GGBG, Highwire, Homemade, Ampersand, the Competition channel, Contessa and Epic TV.
  • GGBG would be devoted to people and organizations that uphold law and order in our society and that would feature entertainment programming on the police, law, the courts, emergency and medical response teams, as well as disaster and relief operations.
  • Highwire would be devoted to the entire genre of action and adventure, including selections from crime fiction, epic and heroic drama. It will consist of contemporary action and adventure films and series, mini-series, made-for-television movies, classic films, and occasional magazine-style shows focusing on this genre and its stars.
  • Home Made would be devoted to programs that offer Canadians an interactive television experience and that provide immediate access to detailed step-by-step instructions, in-depth demonstrations and tips for do-it-yourself projects.
  • Ampersand would be devoted to romance, love and relationships and would include series based on relationships, feature films, mini-series, made-for-television movies and occasional magazine-style shows focusing on this genre and its stars.
  • The Competition Channel would be devoted exclusively to reality-based programming, including competition-based reality and do-it-yourself makeover programs.
  • Contessa would be devoted to programming on relationships, lifestyle, beauty, trends and style, and that would focus on the interests and needs of working women aged between 25 and 54 years.
  • Epic TV would be devoted to classic television programming.

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